New! Private Yoga Instruction 


Private Hatha Yoga Instruction – Classes for beginner through intermediate using breath and positions to relax the body and mind, customized to meet your needs; best done on an empty stomach wearing unrestrictive clothing.  Personal attention; teachers meet you wherever you are and provide tools for you to use in your practice; guidance on sequences and poses for what ails you.    


Private instruction, one-on-one, 60 mins., $85

Private instruction, two participants, 60 mins., $130

Customized group class, three participants, 60 mins., $170

Large groups, 6+ participants, 60 mins., $20/ea.


All yoga sessions include a brief individual assessment to determine whether there are any contraindications for you so that accommodations can be made if necessary.


Hatha yoga emphasizes health and well-being through poses (asanas), breathing techniques and concentration. Although yoga is sometimes done purely for physical fitness reasons (e.g. Power Yoga, Ashtanga or Bikram), at its core you will find a spiritual practice, a sort of moving meditation that supports vitality and life.  The private sessions bring clients back to the foundations of basic yoga and build from there depending on individual needs. If you are looking for basic health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, relaxing the heart rate, releasing tired muscles and de-stressing mind and body—a private yoga session with an experienced teacher is just right for you. Take some of these basics home for daily inclusion in your practice to keep you balanced.


If you are already into yoga, but would like a “refresher,” assistance or have questions about your specific challenges, a private session may also be just what you need to improve your practice.


Wear comfortable clothing for free movement, a mat will be provided or feel free to bring your own.


Each yoga session includes:


  • An assessment of your current challenges

  • An introduction to the principles of relaxed breathing; how to breathe away stress/tension that is blocking the energetic flow within your body

  • Poses (asanas) to direct energy and create balance in the body, as well as insights and feedback


Hatha Yoga cultivates health by deepening the breath and allowing muscles to open during a series of movements—focusing the mind. Awareness and increasing the flow of vital energy throughout the body leads to harmony and balance. Stress is transformed into something useful that can direct productivity rather than distract or interfere.



Please inquire for available day/times for scheduling.