Camp Emerson Hires Stockbridge Massage for Women's Weekends

Why Should Kids Have All the Fun?

August 9, 2015, Hinsdale, MA. Camp Emerson will host two Women’s Weekends on August 14-16 and 21-23. Activities include an Iron Chef Competition, talent show, waterskiing and sailing, wheel pottery, dance, zip line plus various fitness and leisure endeavors. While the first weekend is sold out, there’s still space for the second!

Stockbridge Massage was selected to provide therapeutic massage on-location to all of the women. Six massage therapists will converge on the camp during each Saturday to offer sports, chair and Thai massage as well as Feldenkrais. Participants can see demonstrations and receive bodywork throughout the day.

Stockbridge Massage grew out of Energy Rising in Pittsfield, which recently opened a new larger massage room for couples and now offers mat-work. The massage team has expanded to include Karden Rabin, who practices Thai massage and Sandra Harvey who is a master level energy worker. Misha Forrester rounds out the team with modalities like Feldenkrais and ashiatsu bar therapy.

Practitioners average 5-10 years experience at Stockbridge Massage, which offers walk-in service on Fridays and Saturdays during the summer. Todd Fiorentino, the owner, said, “If you’ve received a massage in the Berkshires, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced the healing touch of one of our therapists as we serve about a dozen B&B’s and inns in addition to our two offices.”

The Stockbridge Massage approach has been to essentially turn massage menus on their head. Why does pregnancy massage cost more on most spa menus? Why is hot stone marked up $20, $30 or even $40 on spa and resort menus? Why are house-calls also $25-$40 in the Berkshires? Stockbridge Massage freezes house-calls (Williamstown-Great Barrington) at 10% so it is less than $10 in most cases for a therapist to come to your home. Stone massage is only $10 more than a regular service and pregnancy massage is the same price as regular Swedish. “We are challenging some of the assumptions built in to spa menus,” continued Fiorentino.

Stockbridge Massage has also rolled out some new innovative services like the Sage Body Scrub & Wrap. They also have a 2-hour Deep Tissue Massage on the menu for those who really need therapeutic work. 30-minute Medical Massage treatments are available for spot-work. And Stockbridge Massage has begun blending services to offer true integrative therapies like Reflexology Stone Massage (cold stones may also be used to numb pain).

So far, their business model seems to be working. Increase leverage and bargaining power by joining together as a team; pay higher wages to the LMT’s (licensed massage therapists); step in front of the spas and resorts by going in-room at the B&B’s and inns; and offer consumers greater choice in regard to therapeutic treatments. Regular skill-shares and advanced training keeps therapists sharp and helps to differentiate Stockbridge Massage from the spas and resorts.

“I’ve received a lot of massage from various places myself,” said Fiorentino, “and, in my view, it’s often superficial basic relaxation services. You can’t walk into these places and say, I have TMJ or frozen shoulder, or I have myofascial pain syndrome, migraines or fibromyalgia and expect the therapist will know what to do. We wanted to change that.”

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