Stockbridge Massage & Energy Rising Gain Medical Classification

You can now use your health savings or flex account to pay for massage pre-tax at Energy Rising in Pittsfield and Stockbridge Massage. Owner, Todd Fiorentino, has obtained a medical classification for both businesses to accept payment from these types of accounts.

“We operate more like a chiropractic or physical therapy outfit,” said Fiorentino, “and less like a spa, so our payment processor gave us the classification, which is a great tax benefit for our clients. Spas delve into beauty services, and that does not meet IRS guidelines for a health expense. If your tax rate is 30%, this is really the difference between paying $50 or $55 for a therapeutic massage versus $70 or $80. It’s substantial.

”Employees should still check with their Human Resources Department to make sure they are following the proper guidelines. A prescription for therapeutic massage may be needed from your primary care physician. And, the credit card associated with the employee’s HSA (Health Savings Account) or Flex Account should have a regular Visa or MasterCard logo on the front.

“We’ve seen once a month clients bump up services to twice per month as a result of this change,” continued Fiorentino. Human Resources professionals may contact Todd Fiorentino directly at 732-595-6064 for more details.

Energy Rising and Stockbridge Massage are filling an important community need. When a patient goes to the doctor with neck or back pain, for instance, and the imaging/tests don’t turn up anything, what are you to do? It’s important for patients to have a physical medicine option where licensed and skilled practitioners can address the underlying cause of musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Reminder that Small Business Saturday is this weekend. Energy Rising ( and Stockbridge Massage ( will be fully staffed for the holidays.

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